How to build a website for free

Do you have a story to share? Do you want to make money online? Do you want to communicate with other people online? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to have your own website. Why? That’s because with a website, you can easily share information and stories to other web surfers through blogs.

sell products your business offers online

You can even sell products your business offers online. You can talk to others about any topic through forums. You can do all these things by having your own website and best of all you can do it for free. How can you build a website for free? Here’s how.

build your own website for free!

Through other websites, you can build your own website for free! Websites like and offer free web site building tools and free website hosting for your own website. Just go to their website and sign up and you’ll instantly get the ability to build a website for free. But before signing up, you must know what features these kinds of websites offer for you. You need to know the features so you can decide which of the many websites that offer free website building you should use.

choose a website design offers several features that many people can take advantage of. First of all, you can choose a website design from their professionally designed template. This is perfect for people who are finding it hard to create their website’s layout. Furthermore, you have the ability to customize the templates to your own taste. You can change the layout’s theme color and such.

drag and drop website editor

Adding content on your website such as text, photos and videos is also very easy on because you can use their drag and drop website editor to put such contents in your website. All you have to do is to simply drag and drop the contents in your website. And unlike other free website building services, lets you disable the advertisements so that you no longer need to save space for unnecessary advertisements.

professional design templates’s free web building services is also feature-rich. With it, you can also choose a design from their growing number of templates. And with a site designer, you can edit the template’s background colors and even add logos and the like. Their Page Editor is also easy to use. You can easily add text, change font size and color, create tables and such with the editor. The editor works like MS Word so if you know how to use it, using the page editor should be a breeze. There’s also a calendar feature that lets you add events so to that your visitors can know what, when and where event will happen. You can also add any kinds of widgets, such as polls and news feeds on your website. also offers payment collection via Google Checkout or PayPal so that you can start selling your products online. These two websites offer a lot of features that you would need to build a website for free. Choose any of these websites and start making the website you want.
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