Advantages of Using WordPress When Building Your Website

Advantages of Using WordPress

Choosing to install WordPress when making your website is an effective and simple process that allows one to focus more of their attention to other aspects of their website development or design project. If you are new to building websites then you are probably not aware of the many benefits that exit from using WordPress in your site design. This article provides novice website builders with useful information and tips on the benefits of using WordPress when building a website:

Easy and Quick:

Using WordPress to build your websites offers you a quick and easy option for getting the job done. If your selected website hosting firm runs “cPanel X” as the webmasters control panel then you have the option to select the control panel function know as or referred to as “Fantastico De Luxe” which directs you to a page that allows web builder or designers the chance to add a variety of free application to your site. This control panel function leads you to the option of whether or not to install WordPress on your site. After filling in some basic information promoted by the software users are able to install the latest version of WordPress on to their web design.

Variety of Themes:

WordPress offers website builders that opt to use the software a variety of themes that they may choose from to make respective sites appealing, attractive to their target audience. There are also a number of paid press themes for those designers that wish to use new unique and exceptional theme designs in a hassle free manner.

Site Functionality:

WordPress programmers designed the application with built-in plug-ins that allow users to perform various desired site building functions. There are almost 8,000 WordPress plug-ins on the WordPress website that you can choose from when building your website. Once you have finished the task of uploading you final design, the next step when suing WordPress involves you accessing the administration panel in your blog or sit e so as to activate the software.

Open Source:

Another benefit of opting to use WordPress when building a website is the visibility of source codes. Anyone who wishes to view your website’s source code can do so simply since it is easily visible. Because this website building software application has gone through numerous program and documentation stages, anyone with even the slightest working knowledge of PHP can easily program WordPress plug-ins and themes to fit their requirements.


The WordPress website building application offers its users a high quality self-updating function that requires you to simply click a link so as to automatically install updates.

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